Electrode Head Cap Systems

Head Cap Systems - EEG

Three head cap systems are available and feature pure tin electrodes in the international 10/20 placement positions. Each kit contains 100 disposable sponge discs, 1 jar of Electro-Cap gel, measuring tape, liquid soap and instruction manual.

Head Cap System 1 also contains 1 medium cap, 1 medium body harness, 1 quick-insert electrode cable, 1 pair of ear electrodes and 1 needle/syringe.

Head Cap System 2 contains 1 large and 1 medium cap, 1 medium body harness, 2 quick-insert electrode cables, 2 pairs of ear electrodes and 2 needle/syringe kits.

Head Cap System 3 contains 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small and 1 extra small cap, 1 medium, 1 small body harness, 4 quick-insert electrode cables, two pairs of ear electrodes and 4 needle/syringe kits.

Please note which Cadwell EEG system you have to order the correct system. For more detailed information, please contact our sales specialists at 800-245-3001. 

To order replacement headcap items, please call Electro-Cap directly at 800-527-2193.

WaveGuard EEG Head Cap System - SPECIAL ORDER

All WaveGuard Head Cap sizes are Special Order Only - Allow up to 9 weeks for delivery.

**Must order a 203090-000 Cable Adapter for each WaveGuard Head Cap

tailored to perfection in Clinical EEG

Various smart technologies make this product a perfect match for hospitals and institutes aiming at reliable EEG, maximum uptime and great patient comfort!  Waveguard Connect’s exceptional comfort is achieved through the use of soft silicone electrode cups instead of the hard, uncomfortable plastic cups that are commonly used in competing caps. 

Features & benefits

  • Most suitable EEG cap for AC coupled clinical recordings
  • Proven design and high quality at best price on the market
  • Great wearing comfort for patients, also in lying position
  • Few sizes fit all, full coverage of adult head circumferences
  • Easy to use, simple to maintain
  • Straightforward connection to all major clinical EEG systems
  • No loose wires – safe use and maintenance
  • Tin (Sn) electrodes provide excellent signal quality for routine use, especially in AC coupled clinical recordings
  • Desinfectable caps, short drying times
  • 4 months of warranty
  • Saving costs and waste due to less frequent equipment supply