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Injectable Needles

Cadwell® Disposable Injectable EMG Needle Electrod

Stimulate and record. Pre-attached 75 cm (30 in) wire with DIN 42802 connector. Fits slip-tip and Luer-lock syringe connections. Leak-free and minimum residual volume of medication. Tri- bevel tip for smooth insertion.
Single patient use only.

Ambu Injectable Needle

The injectable disposable needle was designed for simulataneous Botox (or other medicine) injection and EMG recording or electrical stimulation. Medical grade steel is sharpened to a facet bevel.  Needle has a leak-free secure slip-tip and Luer lock syringe connection. 

Attached lead wire is 76cm/30" and is color coded to match needle length and diameter. Cable terminates in a 1.5mm touchproof connector. 

Each pack contains 10 presterilized needles.

Single patient use only.

Chalgren Injectable Needle

Chalgren Enterprises’ disposable PTFE coated stainless steel injectable monopolar needle electrodes combine EMG with drug therapy injections and have an attached 24” leadwire made of super-flexible PVC insulated wire ending with a standard touch proof connector. Sterilized by EO gas.  

Each pack contains 10 pre-sterilized needles.

Single patient use only.

202726-000 & 202727-000 are special order and have a longer lead time.