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EEG Accessories

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Remote Input Headboxes

Two styles of remote input headboxes are available.  The side mount style is ideal for placing next to a patient in a bed while the top mount style is ideal for routine EEG studies. 

Detachable cables are sold separately and come in either 3m/10' or 7.6m/25'

Detachable cables are sold separately and come in either 3m/10' or 6m/20' lengths for Easy II & Easy III.

For use only with Cadwell Arc Essentia, Easy II and Easy III EEG and PSG systems.

EasyII and EasyIII Photic Stimulators

For Cadwell Easy III EEG systems. Cables are sold separately.

Cadwell® Easy III Power/Communication Module

Power/Com connects PSG amplifiers to the computer via standard 10BASE-T
Ethernet communication cable and provides power via AC power cable (sold separately).

Easy III Amplifier Wall Mount Bracket

Allows the Easy III amplifier to be wall-mounted in the patient room.

Patient Event Switch

For Easy III EEG.  Plugs into the DC input of the Easy III amplifier.

Molded joystick style and 1/8" stereo plug for moisture resistance.  Comes in 10' or 25'

Arc Apollo/Apollo+ battery and charging equipment

Arc Apollo/Apollo+ battery and charging equipment
For us with the Arc Apollo and Arc Apollo+ Ambulatory Recorder system.

Image references:
a. Batteries for Apollo/Apollo+ Recorder
b. Charger for Apollo/Apollo+ Recorder Batteries
c. USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA cable (QVM3 video accessory)
d. Ambulatory Microphone for Apollo/Apollo+

Apollo Battery Kit (9600725) includes:
- 2 Batteries
- 1 Charger

Apollo Ambulatory Kit (9600726) includes all items in product image:
- 2 Batteries
- 1 Charger
- 1 USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA cable
- 1 Ambulatory Microphone

Please note that the Arc Apollo Batteries must ship ground, cannot ship FedEx Express.

Arc™ Photic Stimulator

The Arc Photic Stimulator has a flash rate of 1-60Hz and pulse width of 10ms.
Its USB cable comes in multiple length options and connects the photic to
the computer.

Zenect Touchproof Adaptors

Zenect touchproof adaptors save time and reduce human error by utilizing I.D. chip technology. Once electrodes are assigned to a unique connector, those electrodes travel with that adaptor for the duration of the recording regardless of location in the amplifier(s).

IOMAX to Zenith Cables

Safe-T and Lync cable options for use with connections between the Cascade IOMAX and Arc Zenith Devices. Cable ends are color-coded to match device ports.

Zenith Button/Switch accessories

Select from multiple button/switch options to improve efficiency in your EEG studies.

Room Automation Controller

The Room Automation Controller connects custom SW events to physical high (e.g. TV) and low voltage items (e.g. 197331-200 reset button). Functionality includes but is not limited to turning the lights on, TV off, visual and audible alerts when the following “Events” occur:

- Patient button is pressed
- Persyst algorithm detection
- Synopsis detection

Zenith Research Adapter Module

The Zenith Research Adapter allows for side-by-side comparison of analog signals in Arc and any device which connects to the 50 pin SCSI connectors. Contact Cadwell for pin out information and further details.
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1-12 of 1 items