SAC2 EEG Electrode Cream

SAC2 EEG Electrode Cream

SAC2 is the solution to improve the contact of your EEG electrodes for long term monitoring and sleep recording.  SAC2 provide a fast application and adhesion of the electrodes, the connection is stable for more than 72 hours. It is biocompatible and easy to clean with just a drop of water.  Safe for the patient safer for the technologist.  




  • Fast adhesion to the scalp 
  • Clean with water
  • Safe for the Patient and the Technologist
  • Tube is designed for direct application
  • Hold the electrode securely in place for sleep and long term recordings


Prepare the skin with a prep gel.  Cut gauze into one inch by one inch squares. Fill a cup electrode with a conductive paste (AC Cream conductive paste), just enough to fill the cup. Squeeze a bit of cream (SAC2 electrode cream) on a piece of gauze to hold the electrode down for about 10 seconds, which dries up fast. This method does not actually “mix” conductors, since there is almost no contact between the two. One conductor is inside the electrode cup and the other one is on the outside and not serving any conducting function. The electrode impedance should be less than 5,000 Ohms and balanced. After the impedances are found to be satisfactory, apply a piece of tape over the electrodes on the forehead and the temples, e.g., F7. Fp1, Fp2, F8, T1, and T2. Now you are ready to wrap the head. Two 4 inch self-adhering, conforming bandages are used. Tape the head wrap for security and then place a net over the head, which is very convenient, especially for children.