Ground Electrodes

Cadwell Disposable Ground Electrode

Silver/silver chloride ground electrode is 4.5cm (1.75") long and 3.1cm (1.25") wide.  Each 100-count package contains 50 individually sealed sets of 2 grounds. For use with mini-crocodile or shielded crocodile clips.

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Single patient use only.

Ambu Disposable Ground Electrode with Lead Wire

Ground electrode with 40" attached lead wire is easily re-positioned and conforms to the body.  Utilizes a special green tab that is easy to grasp so the ground can be re-positioned as needed. The concave sides and duck foot pattern allows for contouring of the body and prevents the corners from lifting like traditional shapes.  Each individual electrode is sealed in a foil pouch. 

Single patient use only.

Ambu MFG# 71415-M/1