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Monitor oral and nasal thermal airflow and nasal pressure simultaneously with the SleepSense ThermoCan System, the first and only pressure cannula designed with a built-in thermal airflow sensor. This system is AASM compliant and infection control friendly, and it is available in adult and pediatric sizes. ThermoCan Interface Cables come with a 1-year warranty.
These items are compatible with Alice 6 sleep systems.

Alice 6 Compatible

ThermoCan™ System (Alice 6) SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionQtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Adult ThermoCan Interface Cable, Alice 61203156-000
Child ThermoCan Interface Cable, Alice 61203157-000
ThermoCan Female to Female Adapter, 5PK, Alice 65/pk203158-000
Adult ThermoCan Cannula, 7 ft, Box/50, Alice 6Box/50203132-000
Adult EtCO2 ThermoCan Cannula, 7 ft, Box/25, Alice 6Box/25203133-000
Child EtCO2 ThermoCan Cannula, Dual Lumen, 7 ft, Box/25, Alice 6Box/25203147-000
Small Child EtCO2 ThermoCan Cannula, Dual Lumen, 7 ft, Box/25, Alice 6Box/25203135-000
Child ThermoCan Cannula, Single Lumen, 7 ft, Box/25, Alice 6Box/25203136-000
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