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Ring Electrodes

Cadwell Disposable Ring Electrodes without Leads

Wrap around silver/silver chloride electrodes fit pediatric to adult patients.  Dimensions are 10cm (4") long, 0.6cm (.25") wide. Use with mini-crocodile or shielded crocodile clips. 100 count packages contain 50 individually sealed sets of 2 rings.  

Single patient use only.

Cadwell Disposable Ring Electrodes with Lead Wires

The Cadwell Ring Electrodes are uniquely designed to reduce artifact and environmental noise
with parallel lead wires that can be separated as needed. The entire electrode is disposable
to improve infection control. High quality adhesive is used to ensure good signal quality and
allows the electrodes to be moved during an examination. The attached leads come in
lengths of either 20”(50 cm) or 32”(81 cm) and terminate in standard touchproof
connectors that can be inserted into an amplifier or stimulator.

  • Color-coded (red, black) attached lead wires terminate in 1.5 mm female touchproof red and black connectors
  • Two pre-gelled Ag/AgCl ring electrodes per package; contact area 8 mm x 106 mm
  • 1 set per pack / 24 packs per box

Single patient use only