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3M® Transpore™ Tape

Hypoallergenic 3M® Transpore tape comes in a 9 meter (10 yard) roll. Available in 2.5cm (1 in) and 5cm (2 in) rolls.

Cover-Roll Stretch Tape

Cover-Roll Stretch is a non-woven cross-elastic bandage that can be cut to size to secure any size or type of dressing. It is flexible and therefor works well on movable and hard to bandage areas.

Not Waterproof - Air and exudate permeable -Hypoallergenic - Radio Translucent - 1 roll per box

Micropore Surgical Tape

3M™ Micropore™ Medical Tape

A latex-free, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. An economical, general purpose, breathable surgical tape.  Each roll is 9m/10 yards long and 2.5cm/1" wide. 12 rolls per box

Needle Tape

NeedleTape® is safe & effective solution when using Cadwell® subdermal  needles, twisted subdermal, and corkscrew needles to help prevent needle sticks.

NeedleTape® is a unique needle securing adhesive technology designed to provide safety advantages by integrating a safety identifier to alert healthcare workers to the presence of needles. In addition, NeedleTape® provides added convenience through its die-cut design for ease of use. This product has applications in IV therapy, dialysis and anesthesia among other specialties. The technology can also be utilized in a variety of clinical health care settings including labs, surgery centers, clinics and hospitals.  NeedleTape® provides an additional safety measure through its repeating safety identifier. Each NeedleTape® unit is die-cut specialty medical tape designed for fixating needles in various healthcare settings.

Each box contains 96 pieces of NeedleTape®