EEG Accessories

Remote Input Headboxes

Two styles of remote input headboxes are available.  The side mount style is ideal for placing next to a patient in a bed while the top mount style is ideal for routine EEG studies. 

Detachable cables are sold separately and come in either 3m/10' or 6m/20' lengths.

For use only with Cadwell Easy II and Easy III EEG and PSG systems.

Photic Stimulators

For Cadwell Easy III EEG systems. Cables are sold separately.

Easy Power/Communication Modules

Connects Cadwell EEG amplifiers to the computer via standard ethernet cable. Provides AC power to the Easy II or Easy III EEG amplifiers.

Power cord and ethernet cable are sold separately. 

Easy III Amplifier Wall Mount Bracket

Allows the Easy III amplifier to be wall-mounted in the patient room.

Patient Even Switch

For Easy III EEG.  Plugs into the DC input of the Easy III amplifier.

Molded joystick style and 1/8" stereo plug for moisture resistance.  Comes in 10' or 25'