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Cadwell Disposable EEG Cup Electrode Packs

Cadwell Disposable EEG Cup Electrodes

Cadwell Disposable EEG Cup Electrode Pack

Cadwell's disposable EEG 10mm deep cup electrodes are single use, silver / silver chloride EEG electrodes designed to provide low impedance in routine and long term EEG studies, reduce patient infection, and are conveniently packaged with 10, 15 & 25 multi-colored leads per pack.

The following Cadwell disposable EEG Cups are in convenient 10 packs: 
48" (1.2m) Cadwell part # 302643-000-048
60" (1.5m) Cadwell part # 302643-000-060

The following Cadwell disposable EEG cups are in a 15 pack typically used for PSG studies.
 98" (2.5m)  Cadwell part # 302642-000-098

The following Cadwell disposable EEG Cups are in convenient 25 packs: 

12" (0.3m) Cadwell part # 302642-000-012
48" (1.2m) Cadwell part # 302642-000-048
60" (1.5m) Cadwell part # 302642-000-060

User Benefits 
• No cleaning and preparation of EEG electrodes needed 
• Clear and reliable signal due to optimized layer of frequency stable Ag/AgCl 
• Optimized signal quality due to larger electrode surface 
• Short cup-to-cable connection to reduce lift risk 
• Optimized connector for easy headbox insertion and extraction 
• Optimal patient comfort with low profile disk, soft and flexible anti-tangle lead wires 
• Reduced risk of cross-contamination
Single patient use only.