The injectable disposable needle was designed for simulataneous Botox (or other medicine) injection and EMG recording or electrical stimulation. Medical grade steel is sharpened to a facet bevel.  Can withstand multiple insertions without degradation.  Needle has a leak-free secure slip-tip and Luer lock syringe connection.  

Each box contains 10 presterilized needles.

Attached lead wire is 75cm/30" long and is color coded according to needle length and diameter. Cable terminates in a DIN 42 802 connector. 

Single patient use only.

Technomed Injectable Needle SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionLength (mm)Length (in)Diameter (mm)guageQtySku NumberColorQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Please order Cadwell Part # 202450-000 Technomed Injectable, 1.0"-30G251.00.30301 box (10)202880-000Red
Please order Cadwell Part # 202451-000 Technomed Injectable, 1.0"-27G251.00.40271 box (10)202881-000Yellow
Please Order Cadwell Part # 202452-000 Technomed Injectable, 1.5"-27G371.50.40271 box (10)202882-000Orange
Please Order Cadwell Part # 202453-000 Technomed Injectable, 1.5"-26G371.50.45261 box (10)202883-000Green
Please Order Cadwell Part # 202454-000 Technomed Injectable, 2.0"-25G502.00.50251 box (10)202884-000Blue
Please Order Cadwell Part # 202455-000 Technomed Injectable, 3.0"-22G753.00.70221 box (10)202885-000Violet
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