The Soft Sensors are reusable and are ideal for short-term monitoring, stress testing, spot-checks or any situation where the risk of cross-contamination is low. A comfortable sensor, each is designed for a specific application and is form-fitted to decrease ambient light interference.

The reusable Flex Sensor, made of a durable silicone, is secured with a matching disposable foam FlexiWrap® adhesive. This hybrid sensor system is ideal for numerous applications including extended monitoring and sleep studies. Available in sizes to fit neonates to adults, the Flex Sensor System is a great value for patient monitoring.

Each sensor is packaged with 25 FlexiWraps® (additional packages of 25 may be purchased separately).

Pulse Oximeters SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionQtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Flex wrap style with 3m/118" cable1202942-000-300
Flex wrap style with 20cm/8'" cable1202942-000-020
Flex wrap style with 1m/39" cable1202942-000-100
Medium Soft sensor style with 1m/39" cable1202948-040-100
Medium Soft sensor style with 3m/118" cable1202948-040-300
Large Soft sensor style with 1m/39" cable1202948-050-100
Large Soft sensor style with 3m/118" cable1202948-050-300
Disposable Cloth Sensor, Pediatric, 1m, 24/Box1 bx (24)202940-010
Disposable Cloth Sensor, Infant, 1m, 24/Box1 bx (24)202940-020
Neonate sensor probe1202617-000
Disposable SpO2, Adult 1.2m 24/BX CE1 bx (24)202941-030
FlexiWraps® (25 per pack) 1 pk (25)202945-000
Oximeter Extender Cable, 3m1202949-000
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