Two styles of disposable patch electrodes with snap connectors are available. The one inch square patch uses a specially formulated adhesive solid gel.  Ideal for PSG studies where leg movement or ECG data is desired.  The oblong wet gel patch has an offset snap the fits well around the eyes and on the chin.  Single patient use only.

Clear lead wires area available with black or red connectors and are come in lengths of 60" or 120".  Color-coded leads are available in sets of 11 or 4 and designed for use with the BraiNet templet system and the Cadwell color coded input boxes which are sold separately.  Lead lengths are 24" and 60".

Patch Electrode with Snap Connector SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionLead Length (cm)Lead Length (in)QtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Single-Use offset patch - Wet gel--1 pk (25)202696-000
Single-Use 1" patch--1 pk (30)302700-000
Snap Lead, Red, 60"152601302696-200
Snap Lead, Black, 60"152601302697-200
Snap Lead, Red, 120"3051201302698-200
Snap Lead, Black, 120"3051201302699-200
Color-Coded Snap Leads60241 pk (11)302300-200-024
Color-Coded Snap Leads152601 pk (4)302300-200-060
Elec, Snap Multicolor/Blk 5 Pr Twstd122481 pk (5 pair)302313-200
Elec, Snap Multicolor/Wht 5 Pr Twstd122481 pk (5 pair)302312-200
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