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FAST TRACK™ EFFORT PACK is the first and only completely disposable respiratory effort solution. Each FastTrack™ Effort Pack includes single use Chest and Abdomen effort belts incorporating our cut-to-size Button-Hole™ strap system. Plug and Play, Throw it Away.
Dymedix FastTrack Belt Systems SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionQtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
FastTrack, Starter Kit, Pediatric10 Per Pack203081-000
FastTrack, Effort Pack, Adult, 1 set1 Belt Set Per Pack203084-000
FastTrack, Effort Pack, Adult, 20 sets20 Per Pack203084-000-020
FastTrack, Effort Pack, Adult, 40 sets40 Per Pack203084-000-040
FastTrack, Effort Interface Kit2 Per Pack203080-000
FastTrack, Starter Kit, Adult10 Per Pack203082-000
FastTrack, Effort Pack, Ped, 1 set1 Belt Set Per Pack203083-000
FastTrack Effort Pack, Ped, 20 sets20 Per Pack203083-000-020
FastTrack, Effort Pack, Ped, 40 Sets40 Per Pack203083-000-040
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