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Four disposable surface electrodes are pre-gelled and attached to wires in red, white, black, and green.  Four mil carbon film, silver/silver chloride coated. Each box contains 12 individually sealed sets of 4 for singles and 24 individually sealed sets of twisted pairs.

Hydrogel is formulated so it stays on the patient better and is still movable. 

Single patient use only.

* For IONM use, Cadwell highly recommends twisted pairs over individual singles for signal clarity.

Cadwell Disp. Surface Electrodes with Lead Wires SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionLead Length (cm)Lead Length (in)QtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Surface, Sngl Disp, 27x20 2.5m2501001 box (12 sets)302852-000-100
Surface, Twst Disp, 20x15 1.5m150601 box (24 pairs)302853-000-060
Surface, Twst Disp, 20x15 2.5m2501001 box (24 pairs)302853-000-100
Surface, Twst Disp, 20x27 1.5m150601 box (24 pairs)302854-000-060
Surface,Twst Disp, 20x27 2.5m2501001 box (24 pairs)302854-000-100
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