The newly designed Cadwell concentric needle has a machined sharpened tip and matching material properties of canula and core for optimal signal quality and excellent noise reduction. A gold plated orientation free coaxial connector. Redesigned canula to reduce friction during insertion.

Cable is 1.25M/4' long and terminates in a shielded 5-pole DIN connector.  It is reusable and sold separately.

Needles are single patient use only. Pre-Sterilized by ETO gas. 25 Needles/Box

Cadwell Concentric - Detached Lead SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionLength (mm)Length (in)Diameter (mm)guageQtySku NumberRecording Area (mm2)ColorQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Cadwell Concentric, 1.0"-30G251.00.30301 Box (25)202456-0000.021Red
Cadwell Concentric, 1.2"-30G301.20.30301 Box (25)202458-0000.031Pink
Cadwell Concentric, 1.5"-26G371.50.45261 Box (25)202459-0000.085Green
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