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Our Ambu® Neuroline Monopolar needle electrode features exceedingly low penetration-resistance levels thanks to the sharp, back bevel cut tip design. Moreover, the needles have been coated with smooth coating, which reduces friction when inserting and working in the target area and significantly improves patient comfort.

Available in boxes of 40 individually sterilized and sealed needles.

Single patient use only.  

Ambu Monopolar - Attached Cable SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionLength (mm)Length (in)Diameter (mm)guageQtySku NumberColorQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Ambu Mono 1.0"-29G, (40/box) 251.00.36291 box (40)202221-040Grey
Ambu Mono 1.5"-29G, (40/box) 381.50.36291 box (40)202223-040Lt Green
Ambu Mono 1.5"-26G, (40/box) 381.50.45261 box (40)202224-040Dk Green
Ambu Mono 2.0"-26G, (40/box) 502.00.45261 box (40)202225-040Yellow
Ambu Mono 3.0"-25G, (40/box) 753.00.50251 box (40)202226-040Red
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