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The AccuSnore sensor is disposable and is adhered to the patient’s neck to detect vibration
generated by snoring. The AccuSnore still uses an interface cable to connect to Easy III, but
the patient-contacting part is disposable. The interface cable for AccuSnore differs from other Dymedix interface cables in that it focuses on higher frequency signals. The sensors are available in packs of 10 or 50. While users can collect snore from a cannula or from the sensor placed beneath the nose, detecting vibration at the nares is less sensitive than placing a sensor where the sound is typically generated from. Additionally, if a patient is on CPAP, then placing a snore sensor on the throat allows that signal to be captured without creating leaks in the CPAP mask during titration.

• The only disposable snore sensor available.
• Superior sensitivity from PVDF technology.
• Adhesive backing provides for multiple placement locations during testing.
• Interface cables available with keyhole or 1.5mm connections.
• Available in packs of 10 or 50.
• One size fits all – pediatric and adult
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Reusable Interface Cable, AccuSnore1 Per Pack203106-000
AccuSnore Sensor, Disposable, 10 pk10 Per Pack203107-000-010
AccuSnore Sensor, Disposable, 50 pk50 Per Pack203107-000-050
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