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Power/Communication Module provides communication between the Cascade Elite Amplifier/Base unit and the computer via a 10 base T Ethernet cable and an Elite power/com cable.  A hospital grade power cord provides AC power to the Elite system.  The Power cord, the 10 base T cable, and the power/com cable are all sold separately.  ***Laptops require P/N 286081-000 for power.***

Cascade Elite Power/Communication Module SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionQtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Elite Power/Com Module1190240-200
AC Power cord, 10' (3m)1286002-000
10 Base T Ethernet Cable, 6.5' (2m)1286050-000
10 Base T Ethernet Cable, 2' (.6m)1286054-000
AC Power cord, 10' (3m) Double End Required for Laptops1286081-000
Power/Com Cable, 25' (7.6m)1362042-000
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