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Salter Labs thermal and nasal pressure sensor that detects nasal pressure airflow and nasal & oral thermal airlow for PSG recordings.  The nasal probe is simply inserted onto the ThermiSense® cannula and requires no adjustment.  The thermal sensor is reusable, the cannula is disposable.

Single patient use only.

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Standard Adult kit, (7' cannulas, Interface box w/sensor)1202662-040
Standard Pediatric kit, (7' cannulas, Interface box w/sensor)1202662-020
Thermal Sensor Only - Pediatric (used w/202660-000)1202661-020
Thermal Sensor Only - Adult (used w/202660-000)1202661-040
Interface Box Only (no sensor)1202660-000
Adult Cannula/Holder, Nasal Pressure, 2'1 pk (25)202663-040-002
Adult Cannula/Holder, Nasal Pressure, 7'1 pk (25)202663-040-007
Adult Cannula/Holder, Nasal, ETCO2, 7'1 pk (25)202664-040-007
Ped Cannula/Holder, Nasal, ETCO2, 7'1 pk (25)202664-020-007
Adult Cannula/Holder, Oral/Nasal Pressure, 2'1 pk (25)202667-040-002
Cannula Filters25/Box202669-000
Cannula, SL Nasal, 25/Box, Adult, 1FT25/Box202670-040-001
Short Adult kit, (2' Cannulas, 30" Keyhole sensor, ApneaTrak)1202662-030
Short Ped kit, (2' Cannulas, 30" Keyhole sensor, ApneaTrak)1202668-000
Ped Cannula/Holder, Nasal, ETCO2, 2'1 pk (25)202664-020-002
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