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Chalgren Enterprises’ disposable PTFE coated stainless steel injectable monopolar needle electrodes combine EMG with drug therapy injections and have an attached 24” leadwire made of super-flexible PVC insulated wire ending with a standard touch proof connector. Sterilized by EO gas.  

Each pack contains 10 pre-sterilized needles.

Single patient use only.

202726-000 & 202727-000 are special order and have a longer lead time.

Chalgren Injectable Needle SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionLength (mm)Length (in)Diameter (mm)guageQtySku NumberColorQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Inject Mono Needle 25mm/30ga251.00.303010202721-000Blue
Inject Mono Needle 37mm/26ga371.50.462610202723-000
Inject Needle 50mm/2" 25Gauge502.00.462510202724-000White
Inject Needle 75mm/3" 23Ga753.00.642310202725-000Grey
Inject Needle 100mm/4" 23g1004.00.642310202726-000
Inject Needle 125mm/5" 23g1255.00.642310202727-000
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