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Backpack with C-Shell for Apollo Ambulatory EEG

This solution is all about simplification of cable management. The patient needs to do three things: 

  • Plug in a single power cord. 
  • Remove the QVM3 from the mesh backpack and position it so the screen faces the patient. 
  • Disconnect the USB connection between the Apollo Recorder and the carrying case as directed by the provider.

Kit, Ambulatory Backpack and Accessories

PN 197308-200

All images below. Tablet and Apollo hardware are not included in the Kit. 

The items below are included in the Kit (197308-200). Quantity one (1) each per kit unless otherwise specified.

Mesh Backpack XL

PN 198285-000

Canvas Pouch with zipper

PN 198245-000


PNs 198280-000 (box) and 198281-000 (foam)


199296-000-010 Cable, Apollo instrumentation, 10”

286141-000 Cable, USB-A to Micro-USB

286142-000 Cable, USB-A Extension with repeater

286139-000 Cable, 13’ USB-C to USB-B

229045-000 Power Supply, 12V 30W

286102-000 Cord, 30W Power Supply

286140-000 Extension Cord, 9’

229054-000 Dell 7220 65W Power Adapter 

Miscellaneous Items:

051038-000 Cable Tie, Velcro (quantity 3)

100871-624 Patient Instructions, Remote Monitoring  

Arc Apollo Backpack with C-Shell SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionQtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Mesh Backpack, XL1198285-000
Canvas Pouch, w/Zipper 12”x5”x2" BLK1198245-000
Box, Tablet Transport, Apollo System1198280-000
Foam, Tablet Transport, Apollo System198281-000
Kit, Ambulatory Backpack Accessories1 Kit197308-200
Cable Tie, Velcro 8L x 1/2W Black1051038-000
Patient Instruct, Remote Monitor, Apollo1100871-624
Cable, Apollo Instrumentation, 10in199296-000-010
Cable, USB-A to Micro-USB, R-A, 0.3m1286141-000
Cable, USB-A Extension with repeater, 5m1286142-000
Cable, 13 ft USB-C to USB-B1286139-000
Power Supply, 12V 30W Desktop 2.5mm Plug1229045-000
Cord, 30W Power Supply1286102-000
Extension Cord, 9ft, 3 Outlet1286140-000
Dell 7220 65W Pwr Adapter, 2m Power Cord1229054-000
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